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METRON è una società attiva nel fornire strumenti di supporto alle decisioni, in grado di orientare i processi strategici di governance sia di operatori pubblici che di organizzazioni private. Partendo dalla conoscenza approfondita della situazione economica e sociale dei singoli territori, sulla base di modelli economici e statistici, individua, insieme agli attori locali, le linee di azione da intraprendere per il raggiungimento di obiettivi strategici.

La vision, basata sull'INNOVAZIONE intesa quale sviluppo di nuovi processi, di nuovi prodotti e soprattutto sull'introduzione di metodologie innovative di governance, ha un'attenzione particolare alla nuova programmazione Europea 2014-2020.

Il processo, già avviato con i Poli di innovazione nel supportare l'aggregazione di PMI, Grandi Imprese, Centri di ricerca ed Università, sarà perseguito ampliandolo e favorendo la costituzione di Reti di Impresa e le collaborazioni stabili anche con altri organismi a livello interregionale ed internazionale.


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Dicono di noi

  • Dear speaker,

    We would like to thank you very much for having taken an active part in the OPEN DAYS: 13th European Week of Regions and Cities, which was held in Brussels during 12-15 October 2015. The richness of debates, the high quality of presentations and inspiring speeches contributed to the success of the event. Together, we took the opportunity to exchange information and facilitate networking of novel approaches for implementing the European Structural and Investment Funds.

    It is through exchange of information, experience, know-how and cooperation opportunities that the OPEN DAYS succeeds in attracting over 6.000 local, regional, national and European officials and experts every year, and is able to show how much Europe matters to citizens and authorities at all levels of government. It offers ample confirmation that the future of Europe, its iternal cohesion and its prosperity all depend on cities and regions working thgether.

    We sincerely hope that you found your participation a rewarding experience and look forward to receiving your feedback and evaluation in view of maketing the 14th European Week of Regions and Cities, to be held on 10-13 October 2016, even better. 
     European Union - Committee of the Regions
  • ...Metron has demonstrated remarkable management skills, consistently undertaking for achieving high standards in productivity and quality. Thank to the availability and commitment made by Metron, it has been established relations of friendly cooperation which are still ongoing. For these reasons I believe that the Metron can provide an added value, trough partnerships, oriented to the development of European projects....
     Coventry University
  • ...I am writing an enthusiastic support for METRON Srl, an Italian private company, which is assisting investors by preparing feasibility studies as well as support for obtainment and management of EU funds”. I believe the experience and expertise Metron Srl brought with them to the project is of great value to the project itself, as well as the project partnership...
    Mariborska Razvojna Agencija
  • ...In undertaking actions, Metron has distinguished itself, for its seriousness and professionalism thanks to which, working closely with all partners, it was possible to achieve the desired results...
  • ...Dear Mr. Cauti,

    Thank you for participating to the debate organized on October 14 by the North-East RDA under the auspices of Open Days 2015. Your speech, the high level professionalism moderation and the information provided were appreciated by the participants and brought added value to our event.
    We especially appreciate your personal effort and of the company you represent as well to join us and contribute to the success of this event and we assure you of our entire availability for future collaboration.
    At this link you can find images taken during the event.
    Warmest and kindest regards ....

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